Basel, Switzerland
December 12-15
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Wednesday, December 12


Hyperledger Supporting Blockcerts Compliant Digital Diplomas across Colombian Universities - Carlos Castro-Iragorri, Universidad del Rosario
We have implemented a PoC for managing academic certificates on a permissioned blockchain. We are currently working within the scenario posed by Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia. We are adapting and extending the Blockcerts standard and using Hyperledger Fabric, Composer and Angular for our end-user implementation; our solution is independent from any existing cryptocurrency. Also, it is built as a network of ledgers sharing a common data structure, smart contracts and a limited set of assets. Moreover, our ledger acknowledges the aggregative structure of academic certificates; thus, making it possible to manage atomic units while facilitating the definition of relations across these units. Distributed ledgers have proven to be a viable technical solution for managing financial assets; we are using this technology to manage a different asset, academic certificates.

avatar for Carlos Castro-Iragorri

Carlos Castro-Iragorri

Associate Professor, Universidad del Rosario
Carlos Castro, Associate professor at Universidad del Rosario. BA and MA in economics from Universidad de los Andes. In addition he has a PhD in Economics and a M.Sc. in Statistics from Université Libre de Bruxelles. Before joining Universidad del Rosario he had research contracts... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 11:00 - 11:10


Blockchain at American Express: Revolutionizing Loyalty - Michael Concannon, American Express
Blockchain has helped solve business challenges and address the emerging needs of Card Members and merchants participating in the American Express Membership Rewards loyalty program. Learn why American Express chose a Hyperledger Fabric solution and how it is driving advantages such as faster offer construction, enhanced security, and an improved customer experience.

avatar for Michael Concannon

Michael Concannon

Vice President of Technology, American Express
Michael Concannon is vice president of technology at American Express, where he oversees blockchain and robotics process automation. A technologist at heart, Michael has a history in digital media, e-commerce, and emerging tech. Before American Express, he served as CTO with the video-sharing... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 11:40 - 11:50


MyCuID: Blockchains, Credentials and Credit Unions - Julie Esser, CULedger
Lightning talk featuring Julie Esser from CU Ledger (consortium of credit unions leveraging blockchain for distributed applications) on how they are using verifiable credentials (including Sovrin) to improve customer experience, increase security and give their customers new capabilities.

avatar for Julie Esser

Julie Esser

Chief Experience Officer, CULedger
Julie Esser is chief experience officer for CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO that focuses on delivering the premier platform of digital exchange for financial cooperatives. In this role, Esser oversees the customer experience, global communications, public affairs, corporate brand... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 12:00 - 12:10


Reconciliation & Settlement of Government Funds using Blockchain - Waqas Mirza & Ali Safri, Avanza Innovations
Reconciliation & settlement of financial transactions has been a generational challenge in a multi-entity landscape. Dubai’s department of finance was taking 45 days to reconcile & settle their books with 40+ other government entities & 15+ banks within UAE. Avanza implemented Dubai’s 1st production grade blockchain implementation addressing above issue using Hyperledger Fabric 1.1. Currently, blockchain has already posted 2+ million business transactions since go-live in Q1-2018. Waqas Mirza, CEO Avanza Innovations along with Ali Safri, CTO Avanza Innovations will showcase audience real-time demo of how the application solves one of the biggest financial problems of the world by simulating ecosystem of Dubai in the event. The audience will take away how the application was designed, developed and runs today in the actual world with underline challenges faced and solved by blockchain.


Waqas Mirza

CEO, Avanza Innovations
Waqas Mirza is the CEO of Avanza Innovations. Part of Avanza Group of Companies which has almost two decades of experience in delivering solutions to over 300 customers across 45+ countries. As the CEO of Avanza Innovations, Waqas has been passionately building the company as a... Read More →
avatar for Ali Safri

Ali Safri

CTO, Avanza Innovations
An expert technologist with 18+ years of industry experience, in enabling banks, governments and private organizations to realize value using innovative technology solutions. Ali heads the technology wing of Avanza and is CTO of Avanza Innovations. Along with his team, Ali is passionate... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 12:20 - 12:30


Giving Money Identity and Purpose - Raj Cherla, Spoole Systems Pvt Ltd
The potential of Blockchain and Crypto-currency technologies and the fervent activity in the space has made it imperative for Governments to evolve regulatory frameworks and policies to manage and leverage the technology. Some are considering National Cryptocurrencies, others giving legitimacy to decentralized ones like Bitcoin while most are waiting and watching.
An alternate to Decentralised Cryptocurrencies and distinct National Cryptocurrencies, is the 'Crypto-Fiat'. A portion of the fiat money in circulation can be overlaid with cryptocurrency characteristics, creating a crypto equivalent of the Dollar, Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Rupee etc.

Introduction of  Crypto into core banking areas can help deliver innovative customer features and offerings. When applied to Loans and Government finances these can help bring about Transparency and Accountability in Public Spending. 
Spoole Systems' Hyperledger based TRAX platform, built around this concept is a non-disruptive way of ushering Crypto into the economy and mainstream banking. Enterprises too can leverage the concept and platform to streamline, track and control movement of cash or other digital assets between participating intra / inter-company entities.

TRAX'  multi-tiered, multi-ledger architecture and bridge components isolate critcal tasks like Asset creation and management, from retail Asset transfer transactions.

Horizontal scalability (across organization boundaries, regions ...) and  Vertical scalability (across Custodians / Auditors / Regulators and Retail entities ...) are inherent to such an implementation.

Transaction Trees, Graphs and Dashboards, Messaging and Workflows provide intuitive asset flow and control snapshots.

avatar for Raj Cherla

Raj Cherla

Founding Director, Spoole Systems Pvt Ltd
Raj Cherla is a veteran of the Technology and Telecom industry, having worked in senior Management and Leadership positions at Tatas, Siemens and Nokia Networks. Raj is the founder and CEO of Spoole Systems Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based start-up in the Fintech space leveraging Blockchain... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 13:00 - 13:10


The Industry Convergence of Automotive and Blockchain - Jason Bennick & Jim Mason, Dealer Market Exchange PR LLC
Automotive and transportation sits at the very core of society. Legacy technology permeates industry business frameworks, along with a human proclivity to simplicity and a reluctance to change. With cybersecurity threats, consumer mobility and a need for speed and transparency, blockchain technology is the industry bridge to the 21st century. In this presentation, Jason Bennick and Wes Reid present a sobering look at where the automotive industry has come and where it is today, and how strategically focused blockchain initiatives across multiple use cases can address and solve an aging automotive business industry. Integration of the Hyperledger Fabric framework will be examined and discussed, and how its influence within initiatives can materially help address an industry challenge of disparate technology solutions currently in use across domestic and global automotive trade.

avatar for Jason Bennick

Jason Bennick

CEO, Co-Founder, Dealer Market Exchange (DMX™)
Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dealer Market Exchange, as well as co-founder of Market Assurance, Driive, Blocktrade International Securities, and Provenance Global Financial Services. As a Blockchain and FinTech visionary, Jason leverages decades of experience across numerous... Read More →
avatar for Jim Mason

Jim Mason

DMX Foundry Director, Dealer Market Exchange
Jim is the DMX Foundry Director. DMX Foundry was created as a blockchain innovation lab for the automotive industry. Jim has led digital transformation as Product Owner, Architect and IT Director at DMX, IBM, Fidelity, PTP and other companies.

Wednesday December 12, 2018 13:40 - 13:50


Interoperability of Hyperledger Platforms and Ethereum Network - Nikolai Iushkevich, Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
Ethereum is one of biggest networks available for deployment of decentralized applications, and enterprise-grade applications start to depend heavily on it. For Hyperledger community it is important to understand what is the way their existing HL infrastructure can nicely fit dApps deployed on Ethereum network. During this demo and presentation, we might explore the possibility of interoperation between Hyperleder platforms and Ethereum, in particular, Iroha. In the best scenario, I would show a demo app that shows how funds are transferred between Ethereum and Iroha.

avatar for Nikolai Iushkevich

Nikolai Iushkevich

Project manager, Soramitsu Co., Ltd.
Former MSIT-SE program graduate, taught in Innopolis University in Russia. Was in charge of managing teams of various size, distribution, and project domain. Engineering experience includes financial applications, data analysis and processing ranging from distributed backend systems... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 14:00 - 14:10


Lessons from 2008 Financials Crisis: Combining AI and Blockchain for Loan Securitisatio - Siddhartha & BS Anil, Intain Technologies
A bank gives a loan for a house in Florida (origination), an investment bank buys a portfolio of many such loans (securitization) and then other i-banks and insurers get involves through CDOs and CDS (Credit Derivatives). With every step, the transaction cost keeps increasing and so does the information asymmetry and the result is 2008 type of crisis.

In this demo of eMulya, a Hyperledger Fabric based Securitisation Blockchain that has gone into limited production, Siddhartha will discuss advantages of a Blockchain for Securitization, benefits for originators, investors, and regulators covering Ai as an enabler to reconcile the world 'as is' with eMulya. He will discuss the road ahead - interoperability with Origination and Derivatives Blockchains and a possible path to nirvana - each loan is originated, securitized, structured into a Derivative and traded, all on a Blockchain.


BS Anil

CTO, Intain Technologies
Anil has worked as a technology architect for more than 20 years in India and the Silicon Valley, where he Designed and developed SAAS and Enterprise products for prestigious Silicon Valley and Global SAAS/IT companies. Anil has been working on Blockchain and, in general, Distributed... Read More →
avatar for Siddhartha


CEO, Intain Technologies
Siddhartha has held executive leadership and board positions in Financial Services operations and technology. He has worked as part of joint ventures with Deutsche Bank and State Street, latter being in the role of the CEO setting up and managing Custody and Fund Admin operations... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 14:20 - 14:30


Ecosystem of Credentials: ATB, Telus & Customers - Mike Brown, ATB Financial
Lighting Talk with ATB and Telus sharing their experience participating in a POC for credentials exchange between a customer, their bank and their phone company. Attendees will see credentials exchange in action and gain insight into how telecoms and financial institutions are looking to implement blockchain technologies. 

avatar for Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Director of Product Innovation, ATB Financial
Passionate about the future of money, Michael's holistic business understanding allows him to approach challenges with a unique view to helping businesses achieve tangible results. Having found a niche in banking at ATB Financial that includes ground breaking work in Blockchain/DLT... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 14:40 - 14:50


The Emergence of Blockchain as a Complex System: Fintech and Legaltech - Artur Goulão, UTRUST

Artur Goulão

Former CTO in a leading digital payment platform company and current head of Development of a Swiss-based Cybersecurity company. Excels and is deeply involved in development and R&D of software-related payment systems, in either classical or Blockchain Smart contract-based approach... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 15:00 - 15:10


Sovrin: Public, Permissioned and Still Decentralized - Nathan George, Sovrin Foundation
Lighting talk with Nathan George (Sovrin CTO) taking the audience through a high-level look at the Sovrin DLT, how it can be public/permissioned yet still decentralized, and why this is right for identity solutions.

avatar for Nathan George

Nathan George

CTO, Sovrin Foundation
Nathan George is the Chief Technology Officer of the Sovrin Foundation. In this role, he has responsibility for driving the company’s technology vision, which is to bring verifiable credentials exchange and self-sovereign digital identity for all. Appointed as CTO in 2018, Nathan... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 15:20 - 15:30


The Killer App for Healthcare: Bitmark & Big Pharma Create Trial Matching Program to Help Advance Health Research - Sean Moss-Pultz, Bitmark
Bitmark has partnered with big pharma company for a clinical trial matching program that gives researchers a comprehensive data source, an efficient way to track consent and data transfers, & empowers participants to own their health data, via the blockchain. People have remarkable data access rights & are ideal aggregators, but sharing data is extremely hard. Researchers are voracious for data but are limited because of environment, location, & socio-economic factors. People have few incentives to join clinical trials, registries aren’t inclusive, & there’s no way for direct communication with researchers (eg: new side effects). The Bitmark killer app for healthcare hinges on data ownership: individuals can record the daily health data via the Bitmark blockchain, which means they are claiming ownership & establishing property rights. Access control is unlocked when property rights are established—rights to share or sell their data. Now researchers can post the trail they are conducting & be paired with participants for specific types (sleep, location). Consent forms & health data records will be securely shared & tracked. Researchers and participants have direct communication.

avatar for Sean Moss-Pultz

Sean Moss-Pultz

CEO, Bitmark
Sean Moss-Pultz is an expert in developing technology for consumer electronics and Internet services – with a focus on blockchain related projects. He graduated from U.C. San Diego with bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics. Prior to Bitmark Inc., he was a senior executive... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 15:40 - 15:50
  • Experience Level Any


Truu: Doctors, Credentials, the NHS & Better Patient Outcomes - Manny Nijjar, Truu
Lightning talk featuring Truu (formerly known as Doctor’s Link) showcasing the impact that decentralized, self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials can have on healthcare. Truu allows doctors to provide hospitals with a set of signed, verified credentials for their work history, education and certifications - massively reducing both costs and the time it takes for a doctor to start seeing new patients.


Manny Nijjar

CEO, Truu
Manreet Nijjar is a UK physician specialising in Infectious Diseases and founder of Truu (formerly known as Doctors Link). He has been working in frontline services in the NHS (National Health Service ) for 10 years and is driven by improving patient care and experience. In an era... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 16:00 - 16:10


Case Study - Tracking Pregnancies on the Blockchain in Tanzania - Nicola Paoli & Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky, AID:Tech
AID:Tech will present a case study of using Hyperledger Fabric in Tanzania, alongside the Dutch NGO PharmAccess. In this presentation, Nicola will describe the use of Hyperledger Composer to rapidly define a business-network, and how it has been integrated in a microservice architecture.

Nicola will also present the business and social implications of holding a shared record of medical history, and how this helps empower the local Tanzanian women.

avatar for Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky

Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky

CTO & Chief Data Scientist, AID:Tech
Sasha is CTO and Chief Data Scientist at AID:Tech. Sasha originally trained to be a Cognitive Neuroscientist, finishing his BA and PhD at Cambridge. He worked at the CBSU (Cambridge) and DCCN (Nijmegen), focusing on using pattern analysis and machine learning to understand human attention... Read More →
avatar for Nicola Paoli

Nicola Paoli

Lead Blockchain Developer, AID:Tech
Nicola is Lead Blockchain Developer at AID:Tech.Nicola graduated in Information Technology for Management in Bologna University. He than started his career working as Software Engineer in Accenture, working on many projects including education, open-data and enterprise applications... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 16:20 - 16:30


Securing Cross-border Exchange of eHealth Data in the EU Through Blockchain - Ioannis Komnios, EXUS Software Ltd
In order to facilitate the cross-border exchange of eHealth data in the EU, the OpenNCP community has designed and developed a set of open source components that can be adopted by participating nations. The KONFIDO project addresses the challenges of secure storage and exchange of eHealth data, as well as protection and control over personal data at a systemic level, through the implementation of six innovative technology pillars, including blockchain. The KONFIDO blockchain-based auditing mechanism for cross-border eHealth data exchange scenarios among Member States is a system that allows to prove that certain eHealth data have been requested by a legitimate entity, and whether they have been provided or not. This demo will showcase the KONFIDO Hyperledger Sawtooth-powered prototype for log auditing that provides traceability and liability support. The demo will also showcase the work performed on Sawtooth Explorer to adapt it to the needs of KONFIDO project.

avatar for Ioannis Komnios

Ioannis Komnios

Senior Research Project Manager, EXUS Software Ltd
Ioannis Komnios is a Senior Research Project Manager at EXUS Software Ltd (www.exus.co.uk), a software house with offices in London, UK, and Athens, Greece. Ioannis is currently the coordinator of two large European collaborative projects; H2020 KONFIDO (www.konfido-project.eu) on... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 16:40 - 16:50


SDK Proxy: Hyperledger Fabric Identities for Lightweight IoT Devices - Gero Dittmann & Jens Jelitto, IBM Research
IoT devices that sign their own transactions establish a trusted channel from the device to the blockchain with no need to trust any intermediary on the way. Running an entire SDK executing the Hyperledger protocols, however, may not be possible on devices with little processing and memory resources.

The SDK Proxy is a cloud service that enables such lightweight IoT devices to sign their own transactions while off-loading the communication with Hyperledger Fabric to the proxy. This significantly reduces the footprint of the client while maintaining the trusted channel from the device to the peers.

The demo shows an IoT device signing and submitting sensor readings via the SDK Proxy to Hyperledger, peers verifying the readings' signature, and the device receiving acknowledgments for the transactions.


Gero Dittmann

Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Gero Dittmann is a research scientist at IBM Research – Zurich. He is working on securely connecting physical objects to the internet of things and Hyperledger. Prior to this he designed, modeled and verified supercomputers and processor chips at IBM labs in Switzerland, Germany... Read More →

Jens Jelitto

Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Jens Jelitto is currently working on the application of Blockchain technologies for several industries with focus on its application in the world of IoT. Before, he worked on Technical Strategy & Planning at the IBM Research-Zurich laboratory as Technical Assistant to the lab director... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 17:00 - 17:10
Thursday, December 13


Demo of a Real World Deployed Hyperledger Composer/Fabric Blockchain by the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium - David Berger, Integra Inc
Beyond the Hype. We hope to help break the notion that there is not any good real-world example of Blockchain utilization outside of finance and combat they myth of extreme cost and technicality difficulty. The Integra Ledger, a Blockchain for the legal industry, utilizes Hyperledger Fabric and Composer to deliver a live consortium controlled Blockchain backed by members including IBM, AIG, Net Documents, Orrick, Perkins Cooie, and Liberty Mutual.

While Smart contracts are interesting The Integra Ledger focuses on other critical utility services such as Universal Identity, Proof of Existence and PGP public key distribution.

Membership in the consortium requires producing a proof of concept and we will present some real-world use cases that members have produced.

avatar for David Berger

David Berger

CTO, Integra Inc
David is a seasoned technologist with extensive experience in high-end multimedia, enterprise systems, and mobile application development ranging from iOS development to Mobile/Social content delivery. He is the CTO at Integra Ledger, a Permissioned Blockchain for the Global Legal... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 11:00 - 11:10


Business Process Models in the Ethereum Virtual Machine - Casey Kuhlman, Monax
This demo theater talk will focus on how the Agreements Network leverages Ethereum technology to manage business processes. The demonstration will show how a simple business process model created in a standard BPM tool can be transformed into a solidity based business process model that can be ran to completion by a Solidity based BPM engine.

avatar for Casey Kuhlman

Casey Kuhlman

CEO, Monax
Casey Kuhlman is the CEO of Monax a blockchain-based contract management system for small businesses. Prior to co-founding Monax, Casey was the head of legal information systems at the US Open Data Institute. A lawyer and international development practitioner for nearly a decade... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 11:20 - 11:30


Single Window (Customs) Track and Trace - Ralph Verhelst, EBPI
Single Windows solutions are common place in the logistics industry. While this works within a country, facilitating trust and handover between borders is the new challenge. With approximately 10% of containers being able to be physically checked, a new solution is necessary. Hypertrace provides customs agencies the ability to verify the authenticity, origin of the goods itself and handover in a trusted and transparent way. With such a solution, the amount of containers to be inspected drops significantly because of the immutable aspects of the blockchain as well as the distributed ledger between parties.

Ralph will show:
- Handshakes (multi-signature on Hyperledger) for material from the beginning to the end of the supply chain; Manufacturers to transport to customs to retailer
- Using Hyperledger Explorer to give the insight in the complete logistics chain.

avatar for Ralph Verhelst

Ralph Verhelst

Technology Strategy Manager, EBPI
With a background in computer science and knowledge based systems he dived deeply into qualified information chains. With this, he manifested it into a passion on scalable platforms at a global scale. Working with the government on supporting all types of information chains ranging... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 11:40 - 11:50


Smart Cycling - Blockchain in the Public Sector - Thomas Bohner, IntellectEU & Ruben Gevaert, Belfius
IntellectEU, Belfius, and the city of Bonheiden have joined forces to create a SmartCycling Application. The goal was to motivate pupils to go to school on foot or by bicycle. Via an Internet-of-Things chip the municipality collects data on the number of bike rides, the kilometers traveled, fuel savings, avoided CO2 emissions, calories burned, and so on.

The children receive digital tokens they can use to pay at the village fair or at the local merchant. The more kilometers they cover, the more "ducaten" (tokens) they receive. These tokens are tracked on a distributed ledger network: Hyperledger Fabric.

Ruben and Thomas will explain the complexity and challenges to create a local currency, define the business and legal challenges and demonstrate the live application. SmartCycling is in production since September 2018 and will be rolled out in more Belgian cities.


Thomas Bohner

VP, Blockchain Solutions, IntellectEU
Thomas Bohner has both an appetite for business development and innovation. He co-invented IntellectEU Catalyst Integration Solution and led its growth to become world’s leading platform for blockchain and distributed ledger technology integration. Thomas joined the Executive Management... Read More →

Ruben Gevaert

Blockchain Program manager, The Studio, Belfius
At The Studio, a subsidiary of Belfius Bank and insurrance dedicated to digital innovation, Ruben is responsible for elaborating blockchain projects, creating blockchain awareness by facilitating workshops and proof of concepts for different clients and stakeholders, and elaborating... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 12:00 - 12:10


Security Vulnerabilities in Chaincode - Tobias Kaiser, ChainSecurity
Chaincode must meet high standards of quality and strict security specifications. Not satisfying these requirements impairs the whole system and can prevent reaching consensus among the peers in the network. Vulnerabilities, unintended behaviors, and system failures can violate such requirements and make entire systems running on top of Hyperledger Fabric unusable.
To address this problem, we identified nine security patterns for chaincode. Moreover, we implemented an automated static analyzer to identify and pinpoint these vulnerabilities. Our analyzer is publicly available at https://chaincode.chainsecurity.com/ and is free to use for non-commercial use. It is the first static analyzer implemented specifically for chaincode programs. In this talk, we discuss the vulnerability patterns and show how the static analyzer identifies them in Hyperledger Fabric chaincode.

avatar for Tobias Kaiser

Tobias Kaiser

Blockchain Engineer, ChainSecurity
ChainSecurity operates in the field of blockchain security. We audit projects implemented for the Ethereum platform or using the Hyperledger Fabric framework. We emphasize automated analysis.One of our tools is a security scanner for chaincode implemented in the Go programming language... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 12:20 - 12:30


Cross Ledger Portable Identity with Indy and Corda - Mike Ward, R3
Identity is a fundamental component of any business-to-business transactional platform. It is a problem the blockchain platforms uniquely resolve. However, for blockchain networks to be able to transact within and between networks they need a common identity mechanism. The Indy project within Hyperledger represents the latest technology for business and individual identities. R3 has partnered with this project to bring their unique identity solution to the Corda platform. Come hear how this unique collaboration of Hyperledger members represents not only a technology integration but a fundamental step to portable identities across blockchain platforms.


Mike Ward

Head of Product Management, R3
Mike is Head of Product reporting to R3’s CTO within the engineering team. He is working to take the vision of distributed ledgers and make it a reality through R3’s financial grade ledger, Corda. Key to this effort is ensuring Corda is the platform that will make R3’s customers... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 13:40 - 13:50


Managing Hyperledger Fabric on the Cloud - Mark Rakhmilevich, Oracle
Cloud deployments provide many benefits for developers and operations – pre-configured compute and other resources, scaling on request, managed monitoring and operations, and consumption-based pricing. In case of complex stacks, such as Hyperledger Fabric, the cloud can also provide pre-assembled, pre-configured solutions to all the underlying dependencies. We will show how Hyperledger Fabric is integrated in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a PaaS service, and how it is provisioned, configured, and monitored in this environment. We’ll also describe how it can be deployed across multiple datacenters for affinity with local member organizations and connected in a hybrid manner with external Hyperledger Fabric instances for greater interoperability.

avatar for Mark Rakhmilevich

Mark Rakhmilevich

Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management, Oracle
Mark Rakhmilevich is Senior Director of Blockchain Product Management at Oracle and is responsible for Blockchain Technologies strategy and products. He works closely with Oracle Development to evolve Oracle Blockchain Platform in the cloud and on-premises based on the needs of enterprise... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 14:00 - 14:10
  • Experience Level Any


Bringing Over-the-Counter Trading to the Next Level - Gregory Skerry, Altoros
As a part of its research and development lab, Altoros released an over-the-counter distributed application built on top of Hyperledger Fabric. The blockchain-based trading platform is a marketplace for peer-to-peer trades of any standardized financial instrument or commodity. It allows users to see the full history of bids, offers, and deals in a single interface. Implemented on blockchain, the solution acts as a common immutable and transparent source of “truth” while keeping sensitive information private through the custom functionality of Hyperledger Fabric. Tailor-made reporting feature provides a one-stop guide to pricing and volume trends during the whole trading day which helps save time and increase the efficiency of trading activities.

avatar for Gregory Skerry

Gregory Skerry

Blockchain Solutions Architect, Altoros
Greg works at Altoros as Blockchain Solutions Architect. He possess great experience working also as Project Manager, Senior Analyst and Senior Consultant advising implementations for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients. He has contributed to shape the content for Certified Hyperledger... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 14:20 - 14:30


Infrastructure for Blockchain Key Management Solutions - Patrick Lastennet, Interxion
Enterprises using DLT/Hyperledger for building new business services and applications are struggling to reconcile full control and maximum protection of critical cryptographic material with the necessity to extract themselves from on-prem legacy security infrastructure. Leveraging dedicated HSMs aaS in strategically located datacentres allows to move to a cloud model without compromising on security and control.


Patrick Lastennet

Director, Business Development, Enterprise and Financial Services, Interxion
Patrick Lastennet Director, Business Development, Enterprise and Financial Services.  Patrick is responsible for the business development of Interxion’s Enterprise and Financial Services vertical. He is also leading the development of new compliance and security value add services... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 14:40 - 14:50


Fighting Counterfeits from the Ledger - Benjamin Djidi
Some products inherit their value from their origins. In a world where counterfeiting technologies have evolved faster than authentication ones, Benjamin Djidi will discuss the challenges of keeping track of origins, how blockchain technologies can solve the authenticity gap and the challenges to adoption.

avatar for Benjamin Djidi

Benjamin Djidi

Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon
Benjamin is a Senior Business Intelligence Engineer with 5 years’ experience building, structuring and distributing data pipelines. He has worked on multiple Amazon programs and has been writing Smart Contracts since 2016. Benjamin has deployed applications on both public and permissioned... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 15:00 - 15:10


Can you Beat the System? - Kevin O'Donnell, Blockchain Technology Partners
Using BTP Sextant we show how with one click you can deploy a Hyperledger Sawtooth network on a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud. We then invite you to play tic-tac-toe on this and see if you can beat the system by bending the rules to suit yourself! Key takeaway - We will show how easy it is to get up and running using the right tool so that you can become productive in a matter of minutes. Using the universal game tic-tac-toe we will show how storing its state on a blockchain you cannot - try as you might - beat the system.


Kevin O'Donnell

Chief Strategy Officer, Blockchain Technology Partners
BTP Chief Strategy Officer Kevin is co-founder of the devops platform Chill Code. He served as VP Infrastructure & Operations at JP Morgan from September 2012 until July 2016. Prior to this he served as VP Operations, Video Analytics at Nielsen following its acquisition of Glance... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 15:20 - 15:30


Enabling Hyperledger Fabric Business Network Across Multiple Clouds using ChainDigit Decentralised Management Console - Tsvetan Georgiev & Baiju Jacob, ChainDigit Inc
Setting up and operating a distributed and decentralised blockchain permissioned networks across different infrastructures is the biggest challenge facing blockchain adoption. ChainDigit decentralised management console simplifies those tasks in an efficient manner and enables them with a few clicks. We emphasise on simplicity, automation and breeze maintenance of complex Hyperledger Fabric networks and bring to the business the benefit of a secure and automated way of building complex consortium networks.


Tsvetan Georgiev

CTO, ChainDigit Inc
Tsvetan is an accomplished Technical and Solution Architect with more than 17 years of experience who has led complex projects resulting in some of the best applications coming out of SAP. He has successfully helped multiple Hyperledger Fabric implementations for start-ups and enterprises... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 15:40 - 15:50


Deploying Hyperledger Fabric Application on KompiTech Blockchain Platform - Greg Erhahon, KompiTech
A showcase of KompiTech blockchain platform which is managing blockchain infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric technology. We will dive into our business blockchain application Use Case built with Hyperledger Fabric which is IT Service Management on Blockchain, deployment of the application, IT service processes automation, the consensus and economic incentivization to ensure delivery of quality and efficient IT service to customers.

avatar for Greg Erhahon

Greg Erhahon

CEO, KompiTech
Greg Erhahon is CEO of KompiTech, a Swiss based technology company with headquarters in Zurich. Greg have 3 years blockchain experience working with KompiTech and leading the team. Before joining KompiTech, Greg background span from 17 years of information technology experience working... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 16:00 - 16:10


IBM Blockchain Starter Plan - Matthew Golby-Kirk, IBM
Join us to learn more how you can begin building your network with Starter Plan, which offers a one-click setup, easy-to-use UI that reduces network administration and governance time. You will see first-hand how this iterative development platform will include a fully functional kick starter network and informative tutorials. Hear how when you sign up for Starter Plan, you will get your one-time $500 in credits to use towards your network.

avatar for Matthew Golby-Kirk

Matthew Golby-Kirk

Global Blockchain Labs Engagement, IBM
Matthew is part of IBM’s global Blockchain engagement team, within the CTO Europe Office. He is based at IBM’s development laboratory in Hursley, England and has worked with IBM for almost 20 years on a variety of integration and middleware technologies. Most recently he spent... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 16:20 - 16:30


Tokenized Loyalty Points - Dan Zaretsky, Pravici
View the results of grafting of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain to an existing Loyalty Platform. 


Daniel A Zaretsky

VP Blockchain and DLT, Pravici LLC
Dan Zaretsky current profile-professional bio can be viewed here: www.linkedin.com/in/danzaretsky He has previously spoken at Oracle Open World and presented multiple Customer Success Stories on Loyalty Program implementations

Thursday December 13, 2018 16:40 - 16:50