Basel, Switzerland
December 12-15
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Daan Poron

Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive
Senior Software Architect
Daan is a passionate software architect/full-stack developer with Kunstmaan Accenture Interactive, the world's fastest growing digital agency with a global mission to create the world's best human brand experiences. As a thinker, dreamer & creator, Daan does not believe in ‘impossible’. Over the past decade, Daan has been creating mobile/backend/frontend experiences based on the latest technologies. His primary focus today is distributed ledger technologies (DLT), experimenting with multiple implementations for clients (to include the government of Flanders) on how to rethink current business processes when using a DLT. Daan thinks about each user experience from the end-user perspective, starting from a blank page to optimally benefit from the potential offered by the technology.

Daan is a frequent speaker at Belgian meetups such as DigAnt Café on topics such as using  Multichain to create a blockchain-as-a-service for the government, and the Belgian Angular.js meetup about creating enterprise grade applications using Angular.js